Without a doubt, anyone must have at least one or two T-shirts in their closet. These pieces of clothing are not only comfortable but are also extremely versatile. You can basically wear it in any season and with any set of outfits you put together. However, have you ever thought that there might be ways you can upcycle your plain tee into something trendy and eye-catching?

If you love DIY and craft projects, then these are some of the best T-shirt hacks for you to try. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Customize your printed T-shirt online

This is probably one of the most effortless ways for you to own a T-shirt that’s one-of-a-kind. Show your unique identity by adding your signature touches to a regular tee. The best thing about creating a personalized shirt online is that you don’t have to design it from scratch – there are many pre-made templates to choose from.

T-shirt hacks

If you check out clothing stores that focus on customizable apparel, you’ll find tee shirts in all colors, sizes, and designs. After picking a template that you love, simply input your image or design into the browser, and you’re all done! The items will arrive at your door in no time. You’ll have a T-shirt that perfectly describes the special “you”, without much effort needed.

Tie-dye project 

Don’t know what to do with your free time? How about starting a project that’s both fashionable and fun? It’s impossible to tie-dye incorrectly – each and every shirt will turn out beautiful in its own way.

t-shirt hacks

A T-shirt with tie-dye patterns will help you become the center of attention anywhere you go. Dyeing your shirt at home is also a great way to make use of plain, old tees that have been lying in your closet since forever. You can easily find tie-dye kits or tutorials on Youtube, and the method is so simple even your kids can join in. 

Turn it into a different top

Got tired of wearing the same T-shirt with a boring style, but you love the color and pattern too much to let it go? Then, turning it into a stylish crop top can be one of the best T-shirt hacks for you. 

This hack is as simple as it sounds – you just need to cut the tee shirt’s body into the desired length. Sew the hem so your shirt doesn’t fray and you’re all done! With the same method of cutting and restyling, you can transform your old T-shirt into different tops as well. Cut the sleeves so it becomes a workout tank top, or incorporate contrasting color sleeves to make a raglan tee. The possibilities are endless!

Create a stylish front twist/knot 

If you’re looking for no-sew T-shirt hacks, then this is the perfect option for you. Styled tees are usually overpriced, and you can certainly recreate the look with just a few simple steps.

This hack works best with T-shirts that are made of thin and soft material. They should also fit a little loose around your body, in order for you to be able to work with that extra fabric. The tutorials are also very quick and straightforward, so don’t worry – it won’t be as complicated as it looks.

The final product is a tee that’s not only trendy but also compliments your figure better. Thus, don’t hesitate to try out this hack whenever you can. 

Make a chic cut-out choker T-shirt

Another hack that will significantly upgrade your style. With just a few cuts around the neckline of the tee, you now have a stylish top that looks amazing. It’ll add a little zing to even the most simple outfit you wear. Mix and match your choker tee with mini skirts or jeans, and you’ll have the perfect night-out outfit. 

Turn old T-shirt into a tote bag

Finally, another awesome way to repurpose an old T-shirt is to turn it into a cute, colorful tote bag. These bags are lightweight, easy to store when not being used, and you can make use of the patterns on the T-shirt’s fabric. 

For this project, you’d want to use a tee with a thicker, more durable material so that it can withstand the weight of your belongings. The only two things you’ll also need are a pair of scissors and a marker to mark where you cut. It’s just as simple as that!