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A Simple Guide On Using The Best Fonts For T-Shirts

When you look at the typography t-shirts, you may think that these simple texts are no significant efforts. However, even with the smallest and shortest sayings, how the fonts look like is one of the most important decisions that a designer has to make.

Imagine brainstorming for messages to deliver on the shirts, choosing from thousands of t-shirt font styles, trying multiple arrangements and combinations, so much hard work, even with the experts! But as long as you understand the basics, you will soon take little time to choose the most suitable fonts and get yourself started to design and sell some stunning typography t-shirts.

I hope this topic doesn’t bore you, because here are the tips to use some cool fonts for t-shirts that you cannot miss!

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Household Tips: What To Do With Old T-Shirts

Time after time, when our wardrobe keeps getting bigger and bigger, no matter how we love each of our clothing items, there’s this existing urge to declutter things we no longer need. It is truly important to make space for our closet and free our minds from the burden of having too many nonessential stuff. This is when recycling t-shirt is what you should think about.

There are many ways you can treat your t-shirts, especially your old ones. But throwing them away will never be an ideal option, not to mention the environmental cost has been made during the shirts’ production. So, if you are having some old ones in your hands, get ready to learn some old shirt ideas and make the best use of your outdated apparel. Here are 4 tips that I have combined, more detailed explanations are stated below:

  • Recycle old t-shirts
  • Give old tees away
  • Make a clothing donation

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Screen Printing Vs. Digital Printing – Which One Is Better?

Screen printing vs. digital printing has long been a tough competition when it comes to choosing the most suitable printing technique.

There is plenty of discussion and comparison between these two most popular methods of printing, which may give anyone a hard time when starting a clothing line.

If you are deciding for your next apparel run, the first and foremost thing you should do is define your favorable printing quantity, the material you want to print on, etc. This will help prevent yourself from getting lost among the options.

After that, this complete guide to how digital vs. screen printing shirt is made will help you learn how each method works, their unique benefits, and finally deciding on which is better for your needs.

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I’m Melton Charles. Started as a passion for making things from scratch to now being a screen-printing business, this blog is created to help you learn everything about the industry.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about some of my memorable highlights.

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