Hawaiian shirts are seen as one of the most appealing items in the world, inspiring various aesthetic trends, especially in the fashion field. They also got another name as Aloha Shirts since “Aloha” is a common Hawaiian term used to salute people and also expresses the concept of love, peace, and compassion to others. That’s why expensive Hawaiian shirts are still searched by many serious collectors. 

Compared to the average price of shirts, Hawaiian shirts’ value always exceeds. So why is that? What makes a 1940s Hawaiian shirt costly? Why should you wear that? Stick to this writing to learn more interesting information behind expensive Hawaiin shirts.

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The aloha shirt was initially developed in Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s, when local Japanese women modified kimono cloth for use in men’s shirting, however, its exact beginnings are lost to history. The shirts were popular among Hawaiian tourists, and when they were introduced on the mainland in the mid-1930s, they had bigger economic success.

In the 30s, rich men wore Hawaiin shirts more often even though Aloha shirts seemed to be appropriate to their sisters’ closets. And, gradually, aloha shirts were being marketed by celebrities who wanted to look wealthy and fancy.

Every known material has been tried, but the most valued shirts are rayon shirts used from the 40s to mid-50s, followed by excellent cotton from the 1950s onward. Silk shirts were collectible, although they aren’t as valuable. Collectible textiles are distinguished by the quality of their art.

The shirts had actually become widespread by the 1960s.

Yet, in only the last five years, fashion journals have heralded a revival, and many high-end designers are elevating the aloha shirt to new heights, with motifs that harken back to the garment’s early days in Japan.

What Makes The Most Expensive Hawaiian Shirts?


Because Hawaiin shirts are often worn in summer, the fabric used to make them also needs to be high-quality and more expensive than others.  Cotton or rayon are the most popular fabrics used in aloha shirts, however, luxury fabrics such as silk are occasionally utilized.

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Manufacturing Procedure 

Making vintage Hawaiian shirts also requires many steps and materials to get things done. If you want to learn more about How to make a Hawaiian shirt, click here.


Real Aloha shirts are vintage Hawaiian shirts from the 30s and 40s and can be very costly, with some exceeding $2,000 in value. The most serious Aloha shirt collectors are unable to afford these shirts. The better choice for those who love collectible Hawaiian shirts is to get vintage-inspired or retro clothing.

What Criteria To Choose Expensive Hawaiian Shirts?

Are you considering purchasing vintage luxury Hawaiian shirts? If that’s the case, don’t buy the first one you see. The most expensive Hawaiian shirts are not always the trendiest and top-quality. Here are some pointers to help you choose the ideal Hawaiian shirts.

Fabric Matters

Fabric is important when it comes to Hawaiian shirts. Take note of the cloth utilized to create the shirt you’re contemplating purchasing. Remember, no one wants to get a poorly produced Hawaiian shirt but costly.

Polyester, cotton, and rayon are often used to make the greatest Hawaiian shirts. Not all fabrics are created in the same way. So, regardless of what kinds of textiles are used, make sure you choose the one that is made of selective and high-quality materials.

Choose A Design You Like

Look through the various designs and pick the one that appeals to you the best. Hawaiian Shirts often come with various design patterns such as all-over-print, marched, panel, border, or scenic. And, each pattern may bring different vibes, it could be a vibe of a 1950s Hawaiian shirt or a playful modern one. 

So, consider carefully before getting expensive Hawaiian shirts is crucial. Plus, the all-over-print shirts are the most popular currently, so we suggest you choose this kind.

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Color Match

When it comes to picking a Hawaiian shirt, color needs to be seriously considered. Let’s think about which colors you look best in.  If you love the vintage vibe of a 1950s Hawaiian shirt, opt for a multi-colored Hawaiian shirt with vibrant hues and big flower patterns.


The quality and price of the shirts mostly depend on their brands. The most famous vintage Hawaiian shirt brands on the market currently are Hyperfavor, Levis’, H&M, or Prada. If you look for impressive and luxurious Hawaiian shirts, let’s have a look at those brand’s products.

Why Should You Wear Hawaiian Shirts?

For every personality, there’s a look

There are several designs from which to pick. From modern design to the old vintage one, everything can be printed on expensive Hawaiian shirts. Furthermore, many suppliers nowadays offer custom made Hawaiian shirts for their clients to express themselves.

They will never go out of fashion

While their popularity has fluctuated throughout the years, they have always been in trend, even if simply for holiday wear. Many luxury clothing brands have just released their own Aloha Shirts Collection recently. And they come with not only the vintage big flowers but also various designs such as Goth Hawaiian shirts from Hyperfavor.

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How To Wear Vintage Hawaiian Shirts?

Smart Casual

Mixing your expensive Hawaiian shirts with trousers or jeans could be a great way to go trendy. 

Here are some easy ways to make the bold printed shirt seem great:

  • Wear it with pleated or drawstring pants and tuck it in or leave it out for a more relaxed appearance.
  • As a standout item, pair it with a classic black or blue suit.
  • No need for a belt — a bright pattern shirt might be a lot to take in, so go belt-free if you can.
  • Go with a pair of sneakers, oxfords, or loafers (in the summer months) to look more dynamic.
  • Mix with ripped jeans…no more to say.

Beach Casual 

In the summer, collectible Hawaiian shirts are ideal for beach fashion. It has a formal appearance and will guarantee that you appear in an elegant look, especially with a collar). Keep it simple with basic shorts (blue, black, or white), basic shoes, or slip-ons, and now it’s time for vintage Hawaiian shirts to take the stage.

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Go With An Undershirt or T-shirt

If the notion of wearing expensive Hawaiian shirts still sounds a bit daunting to you, you can take the safe way by matching them with an undershirt. 

Wearing a solid-colored tee or crop top (ideally white or black, because those colors match with any color and pattern there is) inside your 1940s Hawaiian shirt works pretty well. 

This is rather similar to the way other T-shirt pairs play. You can mix them with solid shorts or Hawaiin pattern shorts as well.

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Wear Tucked or Untucked

Vintage Hawaiian shirts can be worn tucked in as current fashion style. Rather than that, they are made to wear normally untucked. So just think of which style you want and go for it. 

While  Hawaiian shirts are frequently linked with tropical getaways, they can really be worn everywhere indeed. In terms of weather settings, they can even be worn all year round. Shorts, khakis, and even jeans are their best friends forever!

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After reading through, have you intended to get yourself a Hawaiian shirt? We bet once you get one, you want to have a collection of it! So, why don’t you try it out now?