Time after time, when our wardrobe keeps getting bigger and bigger, no matter how we love each of our clothing items, there’s this existing urge to declutter things we no longer need. It is truly important to make space for our closet and free our minds from the burden of having too many nonessential stuff. This is when recycling t-shirt is what you should think about.

There are many ways you can treat your t-shirts, especially your old ones. But throwing them away will never be an ideal option, not to mention the environmental cost has been made during the shirts’ production. So, if you are having some old ones in your hands, get ready to learn some old shirt ideas and make the best use of your outdated apparel. Here are 4 tips that I have combined, more detailed explanations are stated below:

  • Recycle old t-shirts
  • Give old tees away
  • Make a clothing donation

Repurposing t-shirts – why not?

The DIY old t-shirt projects just never get less excited with those artistic minds. But seriously, you have to be creative when you recycle t-shirts. I have gathered three cool and easy ideas on how to recycle t-shirts that you can try at home:

Frame the shirt designs

You have a shirt that means so much to you, the design is amazing and has the best fonts. But the garment is tearing apart, it no longer fits, or simply it isn’t your style anymore. What to do?

You can still preserve its design along with the sentimental meaning by putting it into a frame.

To make this possible, what you only need to prepare is a frame or a canvas, then stretch your favorite shirt onto your chosen base, frame it, and finally hang it on your wall. With this simple technique utilizing only your old shirts and the frames, you can easily have a low-cost yet stunning wall of art in your own home.

DIY Old T-shirt

Make some shopping bags

The environment goes first, so of course, no plastic bags are welcome when going for groceries. You should bring your own bags! But why consider buying a new tote bag when you can totally make one from a recycling t-shirt? By that, you are protecting the environment, making good use of your old clothing, and looking cool with the band merch designs at the same time.

There are many tutorials online that show how you can have your t-shirts sewn, twisted, folded, etc. to make some unique shopping bags.

For example, if you are not into sewing, you can try this way using only a t-shirt and scissors. First, make some simple cuts: cut out the collar in a square shape, cut off sleeves, and make even slits along the shirt’s bottom. After that, you tie the shoulders straps together so that they become handles. Also, tie double knots from the recent cut bottom pieces tightly, and now you have a cool bag that can hold multiple groceries.

Make tug-of-war dog toys for your pups

Aren’t all dogs love tug-of-war games? Yes, they are, and they will stay interested in the toy as long as it holds well together. With some touch-ups to your old t-shirts, you can have a cool gift for your furry friend – a tug-of-war toy that can last many days.

Here’s a brief explanation of how to make it from a recycling t-shirt. Depending on the number of patterns you want, choose your shirts and cut out all the seams to make sure the materials can be stretched properly. Next, cut the fabric into long strips and take three strips each time to make braids. During the process, make sure your braids are strong, tightened, and knotted at one end to finish making the tug toy.

Recycle T-shirts

In case the shirts are too old

Sometimes, your old shirts are in the condition when it is impossible to make some cool bags or toys from them. This is the perfect time you think of other purposes for these garments to help lengthen their life. The first and most simple solution is to turn them into rags in your home. It costs nothing but your furniture, floor, fans, etc. can still be wiped clean with some old apparel. They can also be cut into small pieces and made stuff like headbands or bracelets. It’s all about your creativity and imagination!

Maybe someone near you wants your old t-shirts

I’m talking about your brothers, sisters, or cousins who love your younger style. You may never wear those concert tees again in your life, but to teenagers, those are on-trend, unique, and gives them a retro look. So, don’t hesitate to ask the youngsters that you know, and give your “cool” shirts away!

Others who may also be interested in your outdated apparel are the ones whose jobs make their outfit dirty. For instance, ones who paint, build, fix stuff may need lots of shirts to change in one day when being on job. Try to think if you have any relatives, friends, or neighbors who work like that and offer to help!

Sometimes, when the shirts are in a reasonable size, you can even put them on your pets (as long as they don’t regard these tees the same as tug toys)!

How about donating?

If you don’t like or have no time to recycle old t-shirts yourself and they are still completely wearable, another way to extend these tee shirts’ life is to donate them. Many local charity centers welcome your donation, just look them up carefully beforehand, check if they are non-profit and actually want your stuff. Then you can show up at the place with your bags full of your unwanted items but can bring many smiles later.

Repurposing T-shirts

I’ve just mentioned a few recycling t-shirt options for you to choose from, but remember, there are so many more as long as you let your creativity leads. Believe it or not, saving an old shirt will help reduce your unnecessary cost, protect the environment, and even have a mental detox.

Wait no more, take out some outdated ones, and consider some old shirt ideas now!