Among the most versatile garments, a polo shirt is a must-have apparel for any man. Every gent’s closet often includes at least a couple of polo shirts. But, like any excellent item of clothing, it must be precisely fitted. So, how should a polo fit? If you have trouble choosing the best fitting polo shirts, this article will give you the ultimate polo shirt fit guide. Keep reading to learn more. 

Two Main Types Of Polo Shirts

Regardless of the fabric and the pattern, there are 2 main types of polo shirts: Short-sleeved polos and long-sleeved ones. Though they can be put on differently depending on occasions and seasons, there are some certain rules on how should a polo fit to wear them for the most stylish looks. 

How Should A Polo Shirt Fit?


The collar size isn’t anything you should give too much care about because it relatively shares the same form among almost all brands. Just keep in mind to not choose the one with a too tiny collar though.

More importantly, focus mainly on the buttons, making sure they don’t pass over the tops of your armpits. Anything beyond that, such as the picture below, is excessively long and will unbutton look like an extremely deep v-neck — not ideal.

While putting on a polo shirt, let 1 to 2 top buttons undone, which can help you flatter the facial structures and look more appealing. No matter how many buttons your polo shirt has, unbuttoning the 2 top buttons is ideal.


The sleeves should touch the mid-bicep and embrace your arms slightly. Some polo shirts may feature a ribbed band at the end of each sleeve, which allows them to fit well to the arm. 

However, the sleeves should not be too tight since it looks as if they choked your biceps. But too loose sleeves are not ideal as well.  It might appear unfit to you if you have some space around the bicep. This is because it looks cheap, cumbersome, and makes your arms appear extremely tiny. If the polo fits anywhere, your tailor should trim it down so that it can better suit your arm.


The best fitting polo shirts, irrespective of their size or form, must allow you to pinch about 1-2″ of textile around the stomach. And this guide on how polo shirt should fit is true for everyone.

Body length

How long should a polo shirt be? The shirt should come to a point between the upper and mid-crotch. To be easier to imagine, the polo should not pass over the fly of your pants.  Anyway, we suggest you choose the one whose length is closer to the mid crotch rather than the upper crotch since it helps to hide your tummy and allows you to tuck your polo shirt. 


If your polo has a tail, make sure it isn’t longer than the front by more than 2 inches. Even then, we recommend getting a polo without a tail because it looks terrible most of the time. 

Polo Fitting Guide: Do and Don’t

Polos are worn by guys everywhere, from the field to the workplace. So besides choosing the regular fit polo shirts for golf playing or heading to work, there are some notes you may want to follow. Below are a guide on 


Wear them fitted but not tight

Get a larger size if you can’t insert a finger between your arm and the polo shirt’s sleeve. Get a smaller size shirt if there’s a lot of room. Polo shirts of good quality are composed of light fabrics. As a result, they should fall smoothly over your body without revealing too much of it.

Size them to your height

Don’t let the tail of an untucked polo shirt hang further than halfway down your bum unless you want to wear a shirt dress. If you leave your shirt untucked, stay away from a shirt with a longer tail at the back than the front.

Tuck your polo if needed

It would be inappropriate to set a rule for tucking or untucking a polo shirt. For real though, the polo shirt is better while wearing untucked. or untuck your polo shirt. But rely on the ensemble and the occasion, you can choose the best way to wear polo fitting. If you’re wearing a pair of shorts, don’t tuck your polo in. On the other hand, if you’re wearing long pants or chinos, tucking them in will look nicer.


Don’t pop the collar of a polo shirt

The popped collar is mostly out of trend so don’t do it. That trend is employed to keep the neck warm in cold weather but upturning the collar of a polo shirt nowadays will make you look sloppy rather than stylish.

Don’t try to layer under a polo shirt

It is supposed to be no place for another shirt under the best fitting polo shirts. Because when you choose a polo shirt, it is often skim-fit to your body. 

If you wear an undershirt, it nearly always slips out from under your arm or crumples at the collar. Undershirts regardless of long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved ones should never be mixed with polo shirts as they are not designed to be layered. 

Also, don’t put on more than one polo shirt at the same time. This bizarre trend is more of a scream for attention than a genuine fashion trend.

Can You Have Your Polo Shirts Tailored?

If you have ordered a polo in the wrong sizes or received a cool polo shirt but it does not fit you, you might wonder how to fix it. How to tailor a polo shirt? 

Fortunately, a tailor can make changes to almost any outfit, and no exception for polo shirts.

If you’re willing to spend time and money on making your polo fitting, tailoring is a wonderful choice for you. A tailor would often charge between $10 and $30 per polo shirt merely to trim the waist. 

A tailor, on the other hand, may perform numerous common modifications. If you wanted your polo shirt adjusted, they should be able to perform the following:

  • Draw the waist 
  • Reduce the width of the sleeves
  • Cut the length
  • Shorten the sleeves

While customizing clothes to make them the best fit for your body is a good idea, it’s not a long-term answer. Who wants to pay for a polo shirt and then pay some more to tailor it? Absolutely no one! So to save as much money as possible, choose the best fitting polo shirts from the first place!

Final Thought

Whether you buy a polo shirt for workwear or sports outfits, let’s choose the one that fits you most. 

How should a polo fit? Hopefully, after reading this article about the polo shirt fit guide, you can find the answer. If you get it from a brick-and-mortar store, it is easy to try on before buying. However, in case you get it online, don’t forget to check the size chart and ask the customer service staff for help first.

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