How To Cut A Shirt: Step By Step T-shirt Cut DIY

There is just no reason to not adore a nice dress trick whenever it comes to style and apparel, especially since all it needs is a few basic cuts and knots and no needle and thread at all. You have a closet full of outdated t-shirts that you no longer would like to wear since they are out of style, then learn how to cut a shirt. These step-by-step DIY t-shirt cutting ideas no sew techniques will make these three old t-shirts become adorable and trendy. Here are several shirt-cutting ideas easy hacks that will allow you to create gorgeous looks and entirely remodel your closet and save the environment with only the most simple abilities.

Basic DIY t-shirt cutting ideas step by step

Simple V-line DIY t-shirt neckline cutting ideas

These custom t-shirt neckline cutting ideas allows you to create a variety of necklines, ranging from a little V-neck to a deeper sweetheart neckline. Give the present neck a makeover with a small alteration that will totally transform the tee’s appearance. The knit fabric from the t-shirt will not tear or lose its V-shape, so don’t panic about the cutting line along the V-neck.

  • Systematically evaluate 6″ downwards from the peak of the neck, just near to the neckband, to create a V-neckline off of a t-shirt.
  • To identify the middle of the neckline, fold the tee diagonally. Make a V-neckline using the markings.
  • Remove the existing neckband and create an alternative neckline by cutting along the row.
  • Note: Cutting only one piece at a time is a good idea. Because the front and back necklines are asymmetrical, don’t slice all pieces simultaneously.

You may alternatively keep the collar trim there and try to cut beneath to get the choker appearance. Based on how deep you would like to take, you always can cut the incisions broader or lengthier.

  • Turn the garment inside out and spread it straight. Ascertain that the front is heading up.
  • Draw a straight incision directly beneath the midpoint of the neck, either with a marker or by eyeballing it.
  • Continue cutting until having a good exact width is reached and it’s all equal, then trim directly down.
  • Then, from the edges of the diagonal slashes to the base of the v shape, cut a triangle shape under the crew neck.

Simple cropped cut t-shirt ideas

This is a tried-and-true method for cool t-shirt cutting ideas no sew, whether it’s by a few inches or a few inches.

  • To begin, flip the t-shirt inside out. Place two fingers over one’s belly button and indicate the location where your normal waistline is.
  • Remove the shirt and lay it straight on a flat platform. Using a ruler, mark a straight edge along the width of the shirt, leveling with that line.
  • Trim across the mark with your cloth shears.

You can spice up your ways to cut a shirt by leaving 2 pieces to tie into a belly knot

  • Measure the midpoint of the lowest line and mark it.
  • Draw a straight line from that mark straight upwards.
  • The same goes for the right side.
  • Split the face of the garment into two halves.
  • Cut off the cloth along the inclined lines you’ve made.

How to cut a t-shirt in to cool tank top

  • Spread the t-shirt straight, front face up, after turning it inside out.
  • Place a tank top over the shirt and draw markings to indicate the neckline and the width of the neckband.
  • Using the pen marks, slice the collar and neck off of the t-shirt.
  • Trim the arms off the t-shirt, removing both edges of the garment simultaneously, using your pen markings for the neckbands.

Homemade DIY t-shirt cutting ideas no sew

Off-shoulder cut t-shirt ideas

By using t-shirt cutting techniques solely on a single arm of the t-shirt from either the shoulder section to just below the arm piece, you may create a new one-shoulder look. A thin strip of fabric will be present in the neckline of the t-shirt, followed by a slice down, making the t-shirt incredibly informal. If you’re heading out together with your buddies, a t-shirt is a good choice.

  • Try on a t-shirt reversed and use a cloth pencil to mark the middle of every shoulder, approximately 1.5 inches from the edge.
  • Sketch a clean curving line from the middle of the front collar out towards the middle of every shoulder.
  • Cut off the t-shirt collar along the path you just marked, into both pieces of the t-shirt.
  • Pull the t-shirt straight and cut the height of the t-shirt as well as the height of the arms to your proper size.

Cold-shoulder DIY t-shirt neckline cutting ideas

Cold shoulder shirts have become one of the summer’s trendiest styles. Rather than purchasing a new cold shoulder shirt, re-create one of your old favorites. You only have to remove the shoulders. We recommend that you dress it up even more by keeping it tied.

  • Try on a t-shirt from the inside out. Make two markings on the frontal elastic strap of the t-shirt using a cloth pencil at the breadth of the neckline.
  • Make curving marks from the neck markers to the apex of the arms in the same direction.
  • Trim across the row you marked around the front of the shoulder to the line upon that neckband, passing across both pieces of cloth.
  • Next, upon the top piece of cloth alone, trim from the upper rim of the neckband line at the leading edge, downwards following the neck border.
  • Turn the t-shirt backward and trim along the neck edge for the backside piece.
  • The same goes for the opposite side.