How to fold long sleeve shirts with the KonMari method

In some ways, the topic ‘how to fold long sleeve shirts?’ is a ruse. The perfect way of storing your apparel without finding them wrinkled would be to hang it with clothing hangers. However, not everybody owns a large enough space or wardrobe. Also, there could be times when hangers aren’t available. Even if your shirts are wrinkle-resistant, such as Hyperfavor’s long sleeve polos for men, you should still learn some folding long sleeve shirts techniques. Here’s a guide and tips on how to fold clothes.

Best way to fold long sleeve shirts

Let’s start with the KonMari technique before we get into how to fold long sleeve shirts. Marie Kondo is a personal hygiene master. She has gained wide attention by shifting hectic houses and apartments into well-organized havens.

Putting more emphasis on storage consolidation and arranging with specific intent, adhering to the KonMari technique, aids in the creation of the best way to fold long sleeve shirts.

Initially, let’s take a gander at how to fold a long sleeve shirt using the KonMari technique in different types of clothing.


How to fold a long sleeve t-shirt

The KonMari technique is very simple for everyday long sleeve shirts. You don’t need to concern about folding forward or back a specific line with a relaxed and soft shirt or tank top.

This folding technique also makes it simple to place your shirts in a vertical position and beside each other. Once you have organized everything in your wardrobe, you will find all of your clothes just by looking down while standing without. You then don’t have to dive in and take all the already folded shirts out to find just one piece.

long sleeve shirt folding
Folding long sleeve t-shirts is quite simple.
  1. Smooth out the t-shirt by laying it lying face down.  Straighten the shirt, removing any wrinkles with an iron if needed. You can lay it on any dry and smooth surface, such as a countertop, mattress, or ironing board.
  2. Fold the long sleeve t-shirt in half so that the sleeves are perfectly aligned. Pull one edge over to match another, so that the two sides duplicate one another. You can just go with your instincts and bend from any side, both left and right.
  3. Fold two arms to form a triangular shape. As you fold the arms straight back, press them laying on each other. To form a triangular shape, add another fold over the forearms in a reverse way. Keep in mind both arms of the long sleeve t-shirt match up on top of the structure to form a single long rectangular shape structure.
  4. To suit your storage boxes or closets, fold the rectangular shape in half or thirds. Begin by folding the shirt into a fairly small rectangular shape at the underside.

Stacking your tees into thirds would be the perfect way to keep them in storage boxes. You’ll get more room to arrange and can stack more clothes because they take less space. The tinier shape means that you can’t see many parts of your tees, so and if this doesn’t play nicely, go with halves. Utilize halves tactic when stacking tees on a display.

How to fold a sweater

Since sweaters are chunkier, folding them differs a little. It doesn’t make you’re unable to stockpile sweaters in a stylish and minimal manner. These steps are just slightly different and can be easily adjusted.

how to fold long sleeves shirt
A sweater folded bundle is quite chunky.
  1. Place the sweater on a smoothed and dry surface, just like long-sleeve tees, to enable ideal folding.
  2. Partially fold one arm over the other one. The corner of both shoulders should match the center of the chest, while two arms should be almost parallel to each other. This may sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple.
  3. Fold stacked arms from the previous step radially upward from the forearm to frame the triangle shape once more. Arm sleeves should be aligned with the underside of the layer at the sweater’s hem.
  4. The same goes for the other side. When you’re finished, you should have a long rectangle.
  5. Fold the rectangle in half by bringing the underside to the upper end. Then fold it again in the same way. This results in a square shape that can be stored in storage boxes.

This guide also applies to how to fold a turtleneck, with the exception that you have only to fold the neck down at step 4.

How to fold a long sleeve dress shirt

Dress shirts could be more difficult to fold than other types of shirts. Their soft material wrinkles more easily. Moreover, collars and buttons make folding trickier. But don’t worry, the KonMarie technique has arrived. 

  1. Place your dress shirt, right side up, on a smooth layer. Button up the shirt.
  2. Fold two arms straight from side to side throughout the shirt’s chest. Pull in a little of the dress shirt’s angled crease.
  3. Then, fold the arms down the shirt body, parallel to the angled crease.
  4. Lastly, make a half fold by bringing the underside of the shirt all the way up.
how to fold a long sleeve shirt
Folding a dress shirt is trickier.

Straighten up your clothes when you fold them to minimize creases. If you compress too forcefully on the folded edges, you will get undesirable wrinkles from the fold. Ironing can also help you avoid wrinkles.

If there are wrinkles after folding, you might save time by steaming them instead of ironing them. Steaming your dress shirts is both faster and more efficient than ironing.

Some people feel that hanging is the quickest method to keep creases at bay. Hang your shirts near the hot bathtub while having a bath. This will help to steam them. Just turn off your bathroom ventilator so that the heat fills the place.

How to fold a jacket

Apply this folding long sleeve shirts technique for thick and heavy garments like coats, blazers, or vests.

  1. Hold the shirt at the collar’s middle.
  2. Turn one shoulder part, not the full arm, inside out.
  3. Fold the shirt in half from the side. Pile the sleeves on top of one another so that the jacket inside is visible.
  4. At the waistline, fold the shirt in half.

You generally shouldn’t need to take the following steps if your jacket is thin and light, such as a wind jacket or sports jacket. Simply fold it like a long-sleeved t-shirt.