Nothing is more terrible than showing up to work or a date with a wrinkled shirt or dress. We’ve all been in that situation for sure though. An iron, of course, is the best solution but what if that time we have no irons? That is the case when we need other alternative ways to de-wrinkle our clothes stepping out the door. So, what are they? If you share the same concern as us, this article is for you. Here we show you quick and effective methods on How to iron clothes without iron. Keep reading to check it out.

How to iron clothes without iron?

Use a hair blower

If you are in a hustle and bustle but your shirt is wrinkled, don’t panic. This is because a hair blower can help you out. It is useful to de-wrinkle clothing as it is for hair.  Simply place it on a flat surface and use the hairdryer to blow through your shirt 1-2 inches above it. And then surprisingly, all the creases will disappear in front of your eyes. 

Wrinkle Releaser Spray 

Currently, various brands like Downy sell Wrinkle Releaser spray for those who do not notice our wrinkled clothes until they take them out to use. All you have to do is spritz the wrinkle spray trouble spots and wait for your clothes to dry up. The latest spray types also help to remove static smells and wrinkles. It is excellent to carry a bottle of Wrinkle Release in your bag when you are traveling a great deal.

But if you are in a hurry and have no wrinkle releaser on hand, you can spray vinegar instead. White vinegar is an inexpensive and friendly solution to eliminate creases on your garment without using chemicals. Spray the problems 1 time with vinegar followed by 3 times with water.  Then, wait for your clothes to dry.

Use a hair straightener

If you already have a straightener on your hand, the wrinkle on your clothes can be easily folded out. It is way better than just dealing with frizzy. For stubborn creases like those on your shirt collar, it is very beneficial. Just ensure you set the proper mode to avoid it damaging your clothes.

Use a steamy shower

This technique is especially helpful if you are on a trip. Putting your clothes into a case makes them wrinkle? Hang them in the bathroom as you take a shower with all of the doors and windows closed. The creases will have totally softened when you go out. Do not forget to place your garment as near to hot steam as possible.

Use a steam tea kettle

If you do not have a clothes steamer, boiling water in a kettle is the way to go. Then hold your clothes around one 12 inches away from the steam as the water boils.

Use a clothes dryer

If your clothes are dryer-safe, this way is for you. The dryer sometimes comes with the steam mode that can help you dry all the wrinkles away in the morning. It works best for a small number of clothes.

In case, your dryer doesn’t have that function, here is an alternative for you. Spray some water over it and put it in the dryer with another moist object like a sock. You can toss in 2-3 ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt it can provide steam. Let it spin for about fifteen minutes and the result will surprise you.

Use a moist towel

Put a wet towel over the wrinkling clothes on a flat surface and press it down to smooth out all the creases. Then wait for it to dry out.

Use a hot pot

One of the oldest ways to get rid of the wrinkles on your clothes is to use a pot that you often use to make dishes. Make sure your pot has a clean bottom.

Fill a bit of water into the pot, boil it and then spill it out.

Use the bottom of your pot to run across your garments as you do with an iron in a proper amount of time. The hot steam will help unwrinkle your favorite clothing!

Final thought

Could you find the way that works best on your clothes? If you have any other ideas on how to iron clothes without iron, comment down below to share with us!
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