Even if you strictly adhere to all of the criteria for keeping white garments white, they might be yellowed when time passes. So, how to whiten white clothes in that situation. Below are some tips that can be useful for you!

How to whiten white clothes that have yellowed?

Several washing products can be used to brighten stained or yellowed white textiles. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and avoid mixing substances to get the best results.

Whiten your clothes with citrus 

1 or 2 lemon slices in a bowl of warm water (depending on how soiled your clothes are). Add your clothing, let it soak for 1-2 hours, and then wash it normally.

If your clothing is too yellowed, boil the water before adding the lemons and clothing. Let this combination soak overnight. Please make sure to check your fabric care instructions to ensure that it can tolerate hot water.

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Clothes Whitening with distilled white Vinegar

If you’re trying to remove mildew or musty odors from your clothes or home’s fabric then white vinegar is the way to go! Then, during the last rinse cycle, add 1/4 cup of vinegar.

If your clothes need more care, immerse them for a few hours in a mixture of lukewarm water and one cup of white vinegar.

Whiten clothes with chlorine bleach

Use chlorine bleach on clothes that have yellowed owing to improper storage. Don’t use too much bleach and always follow the product’s recommendations. Use less bleach if you can notice a chlorine stench when you pull damp clothing from the washing. Consider using less and adding a second rinse to eliminate the yellowed spot.

Whiten clothes with Oxygen bleach

A formula of warm water and oxygen-based bleach can be used to whiten washable clothing. The ratio can be read on the packaging. Let the white clothes soak for at least 8 hours or overnight in the mixture. Patience is needed. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to water while rinsing the bleach mix. Then wash as normal with hot water,

Both artificial fabrics (like polyester) and natural fibers (like cotton and linen) are safe to use with this technique. As soon as you see a difference, continue the process with a newly mixed quantity of oxygen bleach to get the whiteness you desire.

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Whiten clothes with baking soda

There are a number of reasons why baking soda is included in many natural cleaning recommendations. You guessed it — this mild chemical is wonderful for removing hard-water stains from textiles, eradicating fridge smells, and, yes, brightening white garments.

Use a regular cycle in your washing machine, dissolve 1/2 cup baking soda in the water. Use a full cup of baking soda for bigger loads of washing.

Hanging clothes in the sun to whiten them

You can’t beat the scent and yellowed spots of your clothes by sun drying them. UV rays, however, can cause clothes to fade. Be sure to flip your goods inside out before hanging them up, and restrict time for drying under the sun to a couple of hours at most.

Brighten clothes with bluing liquid

Whites stay bright white with the aid of bluing liquid. The liquid gives the cloth a slight tinge of blue, making it look whiter and brighter. During the laundry process, bluing liquid can be poured into the wash cycle. Before pouring, mix 1/4 of it with cold water. If you tend to add it while washing, add less than 1/8 tsp.

Nothing seemed to work. So, what’s next?

If you really like the clothes but can’t get the soils out, dye the fabric another color as a final effort. Colorfastness is better in today’s dyes than it was in the past. 

How to keep clothes white?

Preventing color problems in the first place is the greatest method to keep laundry white. To prevent stains from expanding, always keep whites from colored textiles and washing with severely dirty items. Don’t overfill the machine and use the correct quantity of detergent for the load size. This aids in the thorough removal of dirt and residue from clothing and linens in the washing machine.

If you’re washing clothing with bright colors, try to do it less frequently to assist delay the fading process. To help avoid fading, wash clothing in cold water. Before washing, turn your garments inside out to decrease the chance of fading and make the fabric seem duller.

For storage, choose a cold, dry location. Basements and garages are all places to avoid when it comes to high temperatures. To avoid yellowing, it’s critical to utilize the proper storage box.

This is all about how to whiten white clothes. If you want to learn more clothes tips, you can have a look at our post about shirt hacks!